[principal helminths of small ruminants in ituri (upper zaire)].from august 1986 to november 1987, about 180 slaughtered sheep and goats were examined at bunia (haut-zaïre) in order to establish the main helminth parasites. seventeen and fifteen species were identified in sheep and goats respectively. the occurrence of stilesia hepatica, oesophagostomum multifoliatum and muellerius capillaris as well as the absence of echinococcus granulosus constituted the original features of this check-list in the area. parasitism the most frequently encountered both in s ...19902369171
[helminths of domestic pork in ituri, upper zaire].in ituri (upper-zaïre) pig farming is extensively and traditionally managed, animals wandering about in the villages and neighbouring fields. helminths of the gastrointestinal tract most commonly encountered are oesophagostomum sp. hyostrongylus rubidus, globocephalus urosubulatus and ascarops strongylina. parasitic burdens are low and gross lesions not frequently seen except nodules of oesophagostomiasis. infections with metastrongylus salmi and metastrongylus pudendoctus have a very high preva ...19902241308
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