[effect of certain factors on block formation in ceratophillus tesquorum and neopsylla setosa setosa].studies were conducted of the effect of temperature and humidity, variant of plague microbe, frequency and duration of feeding and specificity of the host on the blockformation in the souslik fleas c. tesquorum and n. setosa infected with plague. 28 tests on the effect of temperature and humidity on the blockformation were undertaken, for which 14411 fleas of the above species were used. a temperature of 16 to 22 degrees proved to be optimal; at this temperature the number of blocked fleas (c. t ...1976958724
[the ability of flea species on the common vole from mountainous dagestan to transmit and preserve the causative agent of plague].the infection ability and terms of preservation of plague microbe in fleas of common vole from dagestan high-mountain plague focus (frontopsylla causasica, megabothris turbidus, ctenophthalmus intermedius and amphipsylla rossica) was studied experimentally. block formation and transmission of the infection by f. caucasica and m. turbidus was observed. the transmission of plague microbe by ct. intermedius fleas was first carried out. these species of fleas preserve the infection for a long time. ...19902195439
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