prevalence of trichinella spiralis in wild animals on two illinois swine farms. 19685689166
biochemical, biological, and genetic characterization of a sylvatic isolate of trichinella.biological, biochemical, and genetic relationships of trichinella isolates were assessed and compared from 3 species of illinois fur-bearing mammals. tongue muscle collected from 1987 through 1989 from 323 raccoons (procyon lotor), 9 red fox (vulpes fulva), and 1 coyote (canis latrans) were digested and trichinella muscle larval prevalences and mean intensities (larvae/g) determined. the prevalence and mean intensity of tongue muscle-stage larvae were 2.8% and 44.4% and 326 and 2 larvae/g for ra ...19938501590
prevalence and intensity of trichinella spiralis infection in illinois wildlife. 19873625444
a sausage-associated outbreak of trichinosis in illinois.twenty-three of 50 members of an extended dutch-german family and their close friends who ate raw homemade summer sausage became ill with trichinosis; 12 patients were hospitalized for an average of 10 days each. the sausage had been made in three different batches according to an old family recipe. one of the batches made from usda-inspected pork was found to contain trichinella spiralis larvae by two illinois state laboratories. the other two batches were negative. seventeen of the 23 patients ...19761034441
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