[antibodies against trichinella spiralis in the rural population of the province of cordillera, bolivia].a seroepidemiological study was conducted to determine the prevalence of antibodies to trichinella spiralis among rural residents of cordillera province, santa cruz department, bolivia. using the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa), 234 serum samples were examined, and antibodies were detected in seven of the samples (3%). the results document for the first time the presence of human infestation with trichinella in bolivia and suggest the need to strengthen trichinelosis surveillance in th ...199910079742
trichinella spiralis infection in pigs in eastern bolivia.trichinellosis in pigs in bolivia was first documented in 1993 following a small abattoir survey in a rural community in the bolivian altiplano. the present study investigated the presence of antibodies to trichinella spiralis in pigs in the 2 largest departments in terms of pig production in bolivia. three geographically separate abattoir surveys were conducted to cover the major production areas in the departments of santa cruz and chuquisaca. sera were tested using an enzyme-linked immunosorb ...19968809974
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