comparative infectivity of babesia divergens and a zoonotic babesia divergens-like parasite in cattle.babesia divergens-like parasites identified in human babesiosis cases in missouri and kentucky and in eastern cottontail rabbits (sylvilagus floridanus) on nantucket island, massachusetts, share identical small subunit ribosomal rna gene sequences. this sequence is 99.8% identical to that of babesia divergens, suggesting that the u.s. parasite may be b. divergens, a causative agent of human and bovine babesiosis in europe. holstein-friesian calves were inoculated with cultured nantucket island b ...200516282295
a fatal case of babesiosis in missouri: identification of another piroplasm that infects characterize the etiologic agents (mo1) of the first reported case of babesiosis acquired in missouri.19968607592
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