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enumeration and characterization of standard plate count bacteria in chlorinated and raw water supplies.nearly 700 standard plate count (spc) bacteria were isolated from drinking water and untreated surface water and identified according to a scheme developed to permit the rapid, simple classification of microorganisms to genus, species, or group. actinomycetes and aeromonas species were the two most common groups of spc bacteria in chlorinated distribution water. aeromonas spp. and enterobacter agglomerans were the two most common groups of spc bacteria in raw water. identification of bacterial p ...19807447444
epiphytic bacteria and yeasts on apple blossoms and their potential as antagonists of erwinia blossoms were sampled for indigenous epiphytic populations of culturable microorganisms during different stages of bloom at two locations in central washington state and one site in corvallis, or. frequencies and population sizes of bacteria on stigmas of apple were lower in washington than at corvallis, where average relative humidity was higher and possibly favored greater colonization; however, bacteria at corvallis were mainly pseudomonads, whereas those in washington were diverse, com ...200919351253
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