[phytopathogenic bacteria of couch-grass in the crops of wheat].bacterialdiseases of weeds in the crops of wheat on the fields of kyiv and vinnytsya regions of ukraine elytrigia repens (l.) nevski agropyrum repens l. were revealed. the following symptoms of bacterial affections: the leaves wither, oval or hatched necrotic spots on green leaves, necroses on the stalks, empty-ears, partial blackening of the ear axes, awns, caryopsises, scales, water-soaked or dark brown with violet shade spots on the rhizomes were found. during the vegetation period bacteria w ...200919938603
[species composition of agents of the horsetail common (equisetum arvense l.) bacteriosises].bacterial diseases of weeds horsetail common (equisetum arvense l.) were revealed in the crops of wheat and soya in the fields of kyiv and vinnitsia regions of ukraine. the distinctive symptoms of bacterial affections on the root neck, on stalks of vegetative and spore shoots, on twigs were brown, dark brown or almost black necrotic spots of oblong form. the necroses increased in size, embraced the stalks. the stalks broke, the plants dried up. patterns of affected plants, isolated and identifie ...201222830194
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