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community acquired urinary tract infections in singapore: a microbiological study.we studied 214 patients with culture proven community acquired infections. a total of 219 organisms were isolated, of which 68.2% were escherichia coli, 10.1% klebsiella sp and 5.5% proteus mirabilis. gram positive cocci accounted for 10.5% of organisms isolated. the majority of organisms isolated were sensitive to nalidixic acid (81.1%), nitrofurantoin (80.7%), cephalexin (74.7%) and trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole (65.0%). resistance to ampicillin was common (49.8%), as such the use of ampicill ...19921416785
corneal ulcers in two institutions in singapore: analysis of causative factors, organisms and antibiotic resistance.the aim of this study was to determine the causative factors, organisms and antibiotic resistance in patients with bacterial keratitis in singapore. we analysed retrospectively 103 cases of bacterial keratitis admitted to the singapore general hospital or the singapore national eye centre during a 21-month period from march 1992 to december 1993. contact lens wear represented the largest single predisposing factor (35 eyes, 34.0%), followed by ocular trauma (28 eyes, 27.2%) and pre-existing ocul ...19958838989
bacteraemia in the elderly.the aims of the study were to describe community-acquired and nosocomial bacteraemia in elderly patients and to determine the factors associated with increased mortality in these patients attending a tertiary hospital in singapore. a consecutive series of 191 patients aged more than 60 years of age admitted in 1995 was studied retrospectively. all of them had positive blood culture results obtained from the department of pathology and the case notes were reviewed and entered into a standard clin ...19979494663
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