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seroepidemiology of bancroftian filariasis in the seychelles islands.wuchereria bancrofti is the only human filarioid present in the seychelles archipelago. the last parasitological survey carried out in mahé revealed a microfilaraemia rate of 3.6%. serum samples from 417 native individuals living in mahé were tested for the presence of filarial antibodies by elisa method, using crude soluble extract of brugia pahangi adult worm as antigen. the results seem to show a proportion of the population (17%) has been exposed to w. bancrofti (with od values greater than ...19827048670
presence and gradual disappearance of filaria-specific urinary igg4 in babies born to antibody-positive mothers: a 2-year follow-up study.a total of 14 sri lankan pregnant women, who were anti-brugia pahangi urinary igg4 positive, and their 14 newborn babies were followed up for the urinary antibody for 2 years by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. eight babies showed positive igg4 reaction, at least once within 4 months after birth. urinary antibody titers of mothers and their babies measured around the perinatal period showed a significant positive correlation, suggesting that baby's igg4 was transferred from the mother through ...200818502681
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