the incidence of bacteraemia following laryngeal mask insertion.the incidence of bacteraemia following insertion of the laryngeal mask airway (lma) was investigated in one hundred fit patients. four cultures were positive: three represented contamination with skin flora; the other was a microaerophilic streptococcus grown from an anaerobic culture bottle. although this organism can be pathogenic, it may also represent contamination. our findings suggest that significant bacteraemia on insertion of the lma is uncommon and is probably no more than with oral in ...19921463178
a prospective study of nosocomial infection in a neonatal intensive care determine the incidence of and organisms responsible for neonatal nosocomial infection (after 72 h of age).19958554855
neonatal blood cultures: effect of delayed entry into the blood culture machine and bacterial concentration on the time to positive growth in a simulated determine if: time from blood culture inoculation to positive growth (total time to positive) and time from blood culture machine entry to positive growth (machine time to positive) is altered by delayed entry into the automated blood culture machine, and if the total time to positive differs by the concentration of organisms inoculated into blood culture bottles.200919320807
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