serologic survey for selected infectious disease agents in swift and kit foxes from the western united states.a serologic survey of swift fox (vulpes velox) and kit fox (v. macrotis) from the western usa was conducted for 12 infectious diseases. samples from swift fox were collected between 1987 and 1992 from colorado (n = 44), kansas (n = 10), and wyoming (n = 9). samples from kit fox were collected in california (n = 86), new mexico (n = 18), utah (n = 9), and arizona (n = 6). overall antibody prevalence rates were 33 of 110 (30%) for canine parvovirus (cpv), 9 of 72 (13%) for canine distemper virus ( ...200011085448
seroprevalence of canine parvovirus in wild coyotes from texas, utah, and idaho (1972 to 1983).the prevalence of serum antibodies against canine parvovirus-2 (cpv-2), as measured by a standard hemagglutination-inhibition test, was determined in serum samples collected from 1,184 coyotes (canis latrans) in texas, utah, and idaho from 1972 to 1983. no evidence of parvoviral infection was found before 1979, after which seroprevalence rapidly increased to greater than 70% at all sites by 1982. there were minor differences in prevalence between age groups and among sites, but no consistent dif ...19846096323
serologic survey for diseases in free-ranging coyotes (canis latrans) from two ecologically distinct areas of utah.the influence of habitat and associated prey assemblages on the prevalence of canine diseases in coyotes (canis latrans) has received scant attention. from december 1997 through december 1999, we captured 67 coyotes in two ecologically distinct areas of utah (usa): deseret land and livestock ranch and us army dugway proving ground. these areas differ in habitat and prey base. we collected blood samples and tested for evidence of various canine diseases. prevalence of antibodies against canine pa ...200312910777
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