canine parvovirus vaccination. 19854049686
detection and characterisation of three novel species of reovirus (reoviridae), isolated from geographically separate populations of the winter moth operophtera brumata (lepidoptera: geometridae) on orkney.geographically separate populations of winter moth (operophtera brumata l.) were sampled in heather habitats on the orkney isles in order to investigate the prevalence of virus pathogens. reoviruses were isolated in 11 of the 13 winter moth populations sampled, with 3 novel species being detected. two species of cypoviridae (cpv) were isolated, operophtera brumata cpv18 and o. brumata cpv19, with one host population suffering 46% infection prevalence of opbucpv19. a third virus, o. brumata reovi ...200616413573
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