diagnostic specificity of a real-time rt-pcr in cattle for foot-and-mouth disease and swine for foot-and-mouth disease and classical swine fever based on non-invasive specimen collection.foot-and-mouth disease virus (fmdv) and classical swine fever virus (csfv) are highly contagious and can cause great economic losses when introduced into disease-free regions. accurate estimates of diagnostic specificity (sp) are important when considering the implementation of surveillance for these agents. the purpose of this study was to estimate diagnostic sp of a real-time reverse-transcriptase pcr assay developed for detection of fmdv in cattle and domestic swine and csfv in domestic swine ...200818499360
feral swine contact with domestic swine: a serologic survey and assessment of potential for disease transmission.feral swine (sus scrofa) are present in 38 of the 50 united states, and their populations continue to expand. domestic swine are widely regarded as vulnerable to diseases harbored by feral swine. our objectives were to determine antibody prevalence for selected pathogens in texas feral swine populations and identify contact events between feral and domestic swine. overall prevalence of antibodies against brucellosis and pseudorabies virus was 11% and 30%, respectively. antibodies to porcine repr ...200919395751
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