seasonal and spatial variations in microbial community structure and diversity in the acid stream draining across an ongoing surface mining site.this study examined the microbial community in an acidic stream draining across the yun-fu pyrite mine (guangdong, china), where extremely acidic mine water is a persistent feature due to the intensive surface mining activities. analysis of terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (trflp) of 16s rrna gene sequences showed that microbial populations varied spatially and seasonally and correlated with geochemical and physical conditions. after the stream moves from underground to the surf ...200919678846
molecular diversity of microbial community in acid mine drainages of yunfu sulfide mine.two acid mine drainage (amd) samples were studied by a pcr-based cloning approach, which were from yunfu sulfide mine in guangdong province, china. a total of 15 operational taxonomic units (otus) were obtained from the two amd samples. the percentage of overlapped otus in two amd samples was 42.1%. phylogenetic analysis revealed that the bacterium in the two samples fell into four putative divisions, which were nitrospira, alpha-proteobacteria, beta-proteobacteria, and gamma-proteobacteria four ...200717177020
cultivation-dependent and cultivation-independent characterization of the microbial community in acid mine drainage associated with acidic pb/zn mine tailings at lechang, guangdong, china.cultivation-based and molecular approaches were used to characterize the phylogenetic composition and structure of the microbial community in an extremely acidic (ph 2.0) acid mine drainage (amd) associated with pb/zn mine tailings that were undergoing vigorous acid generation. acidophilic bacteria were isolated and enumerated on solid media, and were found to be restricted to isolates related to acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans and acidiphilium cryptum. by contrast, cloning and phylogenetic analy ...200717059483
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