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combining information from surveys of several species to estimate the probability of freedom from echinococcus multilocularis in sweden, finland and mainland norway.the fox tapeworm echinococcus multilocularis has foxes and other canids as definitive host and rodents as intermediate hosts. however, most mammals can be accidental intermediate hosts and the larval stage may cause serious disease in humans. the parasite has never been detected in sweden, finland and mainland norway. all three countries require currently an anthelminthic treatment for dogs and cats prior to entry in order to prevent introduction of the parasite. documentation of freedom from e. ...201121314948
illegal wildlife imports more than just animals--baylisascaris procyonis in raccoons (procyon lotor) in autumn 2011, 11 illegally imported animals were seized from a farm in southern norway. these included four raccoon dogs (nyctereutes procyonoides), four raccoons (procyon lotor), and three south american coatis (nasua nasua), all considered alien species in norway. an additional two raccoons had escaped from the farm prior to seizure. the seized animals were euthanized and postmortem examination revealed that the four raccoons had moderate to high numbers of the zoonotic nematode baylisascari ...201324502726
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