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helminths of red foxes (vulpes vulpes) in epidemiological study of helminths in 1040 red foxes collected from various localities in denmark during 1997-2002, revealed 21 helminth species at autopsy, including nine nematode species: capillaria plica (prevalence 80.5%), capillaria aerophila (74.1%), crenosoma vulpis (17.4%), angiostrongylus vasorum (48.6% from northern zealand (endemic area)), toxocara canis (59.4%), toxascaris leonina (0.6%), uncinaria stenocephala (68.6%), ancylostoma caninum (0.6%), and trichuris vulpis (0.5%); seve ...200616580775
morphological and molecular analyses of larval taeniid species in small mammals from contrasting habitats in denmark.taeniid infections in intermediate hosts manifest themselves as extraintestinal larval stages which, in early development, lack species-specific characteristics. the inability to distinguish infections of zoonotic importance such as echinococcus multilocularis from other taeniid infections that have mainly veterinary significance stimulated the development of species-specific molecular diagnostics. in this study, the prevalence of taeniid infections in potential intermediate hosts was evaluated ...201524160635
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