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[evaluation of vaccinal protection against rinderpest in cameroon. ii. the north province].cameroon joined the sero-survey component of the parc (pan african rinderpest campaign) program in 1989. during the 1992 campaign, a detailed sampling frame, adapted to the breeding conditions of the north province was drawn up according to parc recommendations. the four administrative divisions of the province were covered by sampling cattle in 14 sites chosen by randomisation. eight thousand six hundred and eighty sera samples from 217 cattle herds were tested using fao/iaea rinderpest competi ...19958745745
[evaluation of vaccinal protection against rinderpest in cameroon. iii. general evaluation].the national veterinary laboratory, garoua (cameroon) has been carrying out rinderpest sero-surveillance since 1989 as part of an effort made by the panafrican rinderpest campaign (parc) to control rinderpest in africa. in 1993, 8517 serum samples collected from 286 cattle herds (from 0 to 3 years old) randomly chosen from six provinces with large cattle population (far-north, north, adamaoua, east, west, north-west) were tested using the rinderpest competitive elisa technique; the herd immunity ...19968881414
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