identification of theileria parva and theileria sp. (buffalo) 18s rrna gene sequence variants in the african buffalo (syncerus caffer) in southern africa.theileria parva is the causative agent of corridor disease in cattle in south africa. the african buffalo (syncerus caffer) is the reservoir host, and, as these animals are important for eco-tourism in south africa, it is compulsory to test and certify them disease free prior to translocation. a t. parva-specific real-time polymerase chain reaction (pcr) test based on the small subunit ribosomal rna (18s rrna) gene is one of the tests used for the diagnosis of the parasite in buffalo and cattle ...201121700394
relationship between burden of infection in ungulate populations and wildlife/livestock southern african transfrontier conservation areas (tfcas), people, livestock and wildlife share space and resources in semi-arid landscapes. one consequence of the coexistence of wild and domestic herbivores is the risk of pathogen transmission. this risk threatens local livelihoods relying on animal production, public health in the case of zoonoses, national economies in the context of transboundary animal diseases, and the success of integrated conservation and development initiatives. the ...201323442901
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