assessing pathogenicity potential of waterfowl-origin type a influenza viruses in chickens.intravenous pathogenicity index (ivpi) tests on 29 wild duck-origin type a influenza viruses, two turkey-origin type a influenza viruses, and one chicken-origin type a influenza virus resulted in indices ranging from 0.0 to 0.49. most of the wild duck-origin viruses and the two turkey-origin viruses had indices of 0.0, indicating they are not pathogenic. six of the duck-origin viruses had indices ranging from 0.25 to 0.49, and the ivpi for a/chicken/alabama/75 (h4n8) was 0.49, indicating they ha ...19911827578
fecal shedding and antimicrobial susceptibility of selected bacterial pathogens and a survey of intestinal parasites in free-living waterfowl residing in metropolitan parks in central ohio were surveyed for the fecal shedding and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of campylobacter jejuni, escherichia coli, salmonella spp., and pasteurella multocida. in addition, a survey for intestinal parasites was also conducted in these same waterfowl to determine parasite burdens in free-living waterfowl. prevalences of 67%, 50%, and 0.2% of e. coli, c. jejuni, and salmonella spp., respectively, were observed for all water ...200111332473
a national study of us bird banders for evidence of avian influenza virus infections.previously we have found that midwestern us wildlife biologists, poultry farmers, veterinarians, and duck hunters have had evidence of avian influenza virus infections (aivs).201121530384
low pathogenic influenza a virus activity at avian interfaces in ohio zoos, 2006-2009.this investigation to examine influenza a virus activity in avian species at four ohio zoos was initiated to better understand the ecology of avian-origin influenza a (aiv) virus in wild aquatic birds and the possibility of spill-over of such viruses into captive zoo birds, both native and foreign species. virus isolation efforts resulted in the recovery of three low pathogenic (lp) aiv isolates (one h7n3 and two h3n6) from oral-pharyngeal or cloacal swabs collected from over 1000 zoo birds repr ...201324283133
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