cadmium and lead in tissues of mallards (anas platyrhynchos) and wood ducks (aix sponsa) using the illinois river (usa).cadmium and lead concentrations were determined in the tissues of mallards and wood ducks collected from two waterfowl management areas along the illinois river, usa, during the autumn and late winter of 1997-1998. lead concentrations in livers of mallards were lower than previously reported, and, along with those in a small sample of wood duck livers, were within background levels (<2.0 microg/g wet weight). mean concentrations of cadmium in the kidneys of wood ducks utilizing the illinois rive ...200312531305
an outbreak of duck viral enteritis (duck plague) in domestic muscovy ducks (cairina moschata domesticus) in viral enteritis (dve) was diagnosed in an outbreak of the disease in a resident population of muscovy ducks (cairina moschata domesticus) on a privately owned multispecies game bird production facility in illinois, where it claimed 625 ducks. this disease condition had not been reported previously in domestic ducks in illinois. although other varieties and age groups of domestic waterfowl (i.e., black ducks, rhumen ducks, pekin ducks, ducklings, and geese) were present on the game bird farm ...200111417839
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