pancreatitis in wild zinc-poisoned waterfowl.four waterfowl were collected in the tri-state mining district (oklahoma, kansas and missouri, usa), an area known to be contaminated with lead, cadmium and zinc (zn). they were part of a larger group of 20 waterfowl collected to determine the exposure of birds to metal contamination at the site. the four waterfowl (three branta canadensis, one anas platyrhynchos) had mild to severe degenerative abnormalities of the exocrine pancreas, as well as tissue (pancreas, liver) concentrations of zn that ...200314676018
assessment of the diversity, abundance, and ecological distribution of members of candidate division sr1 reveals a high level of phylogenetic diversity but limited morphotypic diversity.we used a combination of 16s rrna gene clone library surveys, quantitative pcr (qpcr) analysis, and fluorescent in situ hybridization to investigate the diversity, abundance, and distribution of members of candidate division sr1 in multiple habitats. using sr1-specific 16s rrna gene primers, we identified multiple novel sr1 lineages in four different anaerobic environments: sediments from zodletone spring, a sulfide- and sulfur-rich spring in southwestern oklahoma; inner layers of microbial mats ...200919395567
helminth fauna of waterfowl in central waterfowl wintering in and migrating through central oklahoma were collected and examined for intestinal helminths. seventy-one ducks, including mallards (anas platyrhynchos), american widgeons (anas americana), blue-winged teal (anas discors), and green-winged teal (anas crecca) were examined; 64 (90.1%) harbored one or more species of metazoa. six cestodes, 6 trematodes, 6 nematodes, and 1 acanthocephalan were identified, an experimental, non-flying population of ducks was establi ...19807373725
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