elevation of copper and nickel levels in primaries from black and mallard ducks collected in the sudbury district, ontario. 1978657017
muscovy duck mortality not caused by haemoproteus. 19853928910
use of ethnographic methods for applied research on diabetes among the ojibway-cree in northern ontario.this article presents the results of applied ethnographic research aimed at developing a community-based diabetes prevention program in an isolated ojibway-cree community in northern ontario. using qualitative techniques, the authors describe diabetes in its sociocultural context and underlying belief systems that affect related activity and dietary behaviors. local concepts of food and illness are dichotomized into "indian" and "white man's" groupings, with indian foods perceived as healthy and ...19968841820
spring-harvested game birds from the western james bay region of northern ontario, canada: organochlorine concentrations in breast muscle.although studies have assessed organochlorine concentration in breast tissue (pectoral muscle) of fall-harvested game birds in canada, data for spring-harvested game birds are limited, especially for remote sub-arctic areas. taking into account that most traditional aboriginal diets include a large number of spring-harvested game birds, there is a need to assess organochlorine concentration in spring-harvested water birds with respect to suitability for human consumption. we examined organochlor ...200717675140
spring-harvested game birds in the western james bay region of northern ontario, canada: the amount of organochlorines in matched samples of breast muscle, skin, and abdominal fat.we examined matched-tissue samples (the right pectoral muscle plus the associated skin and fat was considered a breast portion) of 81 spring-harvested waterfowl and 19 summer-harvested godwits (limosa spp.) to assess the potential of these water birds contributing to the body burden of pcbs and ddt noted in first nation people of the western james bay region, northern ontario, canada. in general, the dabbling ducks (mallard duck, anas platyrhynchos; and northern pintail, a. acuta) had significan ...200818058032
genetic characterization of two low pathogenic avian influenza virus h5n1 isolates from ontario, canada.genomes of two low pathogenic h5n1 avian influenza (lpai) viruses, a/turkey/on/84/1983 and a/mallard/on/499/2005 from ontario, canada were cloned and genetically characterized. phylogenetic analysis showed that the canadian isolates cluster with other north american aivs and are distinct from the euro-asian h5n1 isolates. individual gene comparisons demonstrated that the ontario isolates were most similar to the viruses isolated from around the same time period and geographical area. a long dele ...200919082878
avian influenza: the canadian experience.reports of sporadic avian influenza outbreaks involving domestic poultry date back to the 1960s. with the exception of a/turkey/ontario/7732/1966 (h5n9), which was isolated from a turkey breeding establishment, all viruses characterised prior to 2004 fit the criteria of low pathogenic avian influenza (lpai). only in retrospect was a/turkey/ontario/7732/1966 shown to meet the criteria of a highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai). in 2004, canada reported its first case of hpai to the world organ ...200919618638
isolation and identification of duck adenovirus 1 in ducklings with proliferative tracheitis in ontario.increased mortality was reported in two flocks of muscovy ducklings from two consecutive hatches originating from the same breeder flock. coughing, dyspnea, and gasping were observed in some ducklings between 6 and 11 days of age. opaque white plugs of exudate were seen in the tracheas with some ducklings having multiple tracheal plugs. tracheal and bronchial epithelium was hyperplastic and superficial epithelial cells contained eosinophilic intranuclear viral inclusions. virus particles compati ...200919630243
outbreaks of west nile virus in captive waterfowl in ontario, canada.the detrimental effects of west nile virus (wnv) have been well characterized in several taxonomic groups of north american birds, such as corvids and raptors. relatively less is known about the virus' effects in waterfowl species, many of which are abundant in north america and occupy habitats, for example wetlands and marshes, likely to harbour dense mosquito populations. in two successive years, outbreaks of wnv-associated disease were observed in waterfowl at a rehabilitation centre. in the ...201525636141
avian influenza prevalence among hunter-harvested birds in a remote canadian first nation community.avian influenza virus (aiv) prevalence has been associated with wild game and other bird species. the contamination of these birds may pose a greater risk to those who regularly hunt and consumed infected species. due to resident concerns communicated by local band council, hunter-harvested birds from a remote first nation community in subarctic ontario, canada were assessed for aiv. hunters, and especially those who live a subsistence lifestyle, are at higher risk of aiv exposure due to their i ...201728092966
a generalizable energetics-based model of avian migration to facilitate continental-scale waterbird conservation.conserving migratory birds is made especially difficult because of movement among spatially disparate locations across the annual cycle. in light of challenges presented by the scale and ecology of migratory birds, successful conservation requires integrating objectives, management, and monitoring across scales, from local management units to ecoregional and flyway administrative boundaries. we present an integrated approach using a spatially explicit energetic-based mechanistic bird migration m ...201627509754
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