blood values of the canvasback duck by age, sex and season.blood samples were obtained from canvasback ducklings from manitoba and saskatchewan and from immature and adult canvasbacks on the mississippi river near lacrosse, wisconsin and the chesapeake bay. these samples were used to determine baseline data on red cell counts, hematocrit, total protein, glucose, cholesterol, hemaglobin and distribution of plasma proteins. calculations were also made to determine mean corpuscular volume, mean corpuscular hemoglobin and mean corpuscular hemoglobin concent ...197616498873
diseases and parasites in wolves of the riding mountain national park region, manitoba, canada.we examined wolf (canis lupus) blood and fecal samples from the riding mountain national park (rmnp) region of manitoba, canada. in 601 fecal samples collected during two study periods in rmnp and the duck mountain provincial park and forest (dmppf) we found gastrointestinal helminth eggs from alaria sp. (15.5%), capillaria sp. (1.0%), taeniid tapeworms (30.8%), toxascaris sp. (1.7%), toxocara sp. (0.2%), trichuris sp. (2.2%), and moniezia sp. (0.5%). in addition, we found demodex sp. (0.2%) and ...201121270013
summer food and feeding of the ruddy duck in manitoba. 19734782270
helminth communities in avocets: importance of the compound community.this paper reports patterns of similarity and overlap in species presence and patterns of linear distribution of intestinal helminths in 22 avocets from 4 populations. avocets collected from ephemeral bodies of water in alberta and manitoba had communities composed largely of species that are avocet specialists plus some that are host generalists. the composition of helminth communities in these hosts was similar to that reported in earlier surveys of avocet helminths. there was little evidence ...19892926592
helminth parasites of the bufflehead duck, bucephala albeola, wintering in the chihuahua desert with a checklist of helminth parasites reported from this host.the bufflehead duck (bucephala albeola) (mergini) ranges from alaska and canada to the united states and mexico. buffleheads ingest invertebrates as a major component of their food throughout life. puddle ducks (anatinae) change mainly to vegetable foods at an early age. loss of helminth parasite species and abundance in the fall migration has been reported for puddle ducks. this change in food has been hypothesized to cause some of the parasite loss. nothing was known about helminth community d ...200919245274
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