fusariotoxicosis from barley in british columbia. i. natural occurrence and diagnosis.clinical sickness was observed in domestic ducks, geese, horses and swine during october 1973. all species showed upper alimentary distress with mortalities occurring in the geese. barley derived from a common source had been fed. examination of the barley revealed invasion by fusarium spp and detection of a high level of dermatitic fusariotoxins.19761000372
relationship between h5n2 avian influenza viruses isolated from wild and domestic ducks in british columbia, the summer of 2005 a canadian national surveillance program for influenza a viruses in wild aquatic birds was initiated. the program involved collaboration between federal and provincial levels of government and was coordinated by the canadian cooperative wildlife health centre. the surveillance plan targeted young-of-the-year mallards along with other duck species at six sampling locations along the major migratory flyways across canada. beginning in early august, cloacal swabs were taken fr ...200717494600
partial direct contact transmission in ferrets of a mallard h7n3 influenza virus with typical avian-like receptor specificity.avian influenza viruses of the h7 subtype have caused multiple outbreaks in domestic poultry and represent a significant threat to public health due to their propensity to occasionally transmit directly from birds to humans. in order to better understand the cross species transmission potential of h7 viruses in nature, we performed biological and molecular characterizations of an h7n3 virus isolated from mallards in canada in 2001.200919682381
surveillance for highly pathogenic influenza a viruses in california during 2014-2015 provides insights into viral evolutionary pathways and the spatiotemporal extent of viruses in the pacific americas flyway.we used surveillance data collected in california before, concurrent with, and subsequent to an outbreak of highly pathogenic (hp) clade influenza a viruses (iavs) in 2014-2015 to (i) evaluate iav prevalence in waterfowl, (ii) assess the evidence for spill-over infections in marine mammals and (iii) genetically characterize low-pathogenic (lp) and hp iavs to refine inference on the spatiotemporal extent of hp genome constellations and to evaluate possible evolutionary pathways. we screen ...201728874792
properties of blood, porphyrins, and exposure to legacy and emerging persistent organic pollutants in surf scoters (melanitta perspicillata) overwintering on the south coast of british columbia, canada.the surf scoter (melanitta perspicillata) is a little-studied species of north american sea duck. estimates suggest it has experienced a precipitous decline in breeding numbers over the latter half of the past century. to investigate the potential role of contaminant uptake and toxicity in the population decline, this study undertook to measure blood chemistry, porphyrin concentrations, erod, and organic contaminants in mature surf scoters wintering in the strait of georgia, bc, canada. hepatic ...201020204344
avian influenza: the canadian experience.reports of sporadic avian influenza outbreaks involving domestic poultry date back to the 1960s. with the exception of a/turkey/ontario/7732/1966 (h5n9), which was isolated from a turkey breeding establishment, all viruses characterised prior to 2004 fit the criteria of low pathogenic avian influenza (lpai). only in retrospect was a/turkey/ontario/7732/1966 shown to meet the criteria of a highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai). in 2004, canada reported its first case of hpai to the world organ ...200919618638
comparison of renal and salt gland function in three species of wild ducks.three processes central to osmoregulation of marine birds were compared in three species of ducks that differ in habitat affinity, diet and saline tolerance. these processes are filtration of na+ and water from the plasma by the kidneys, their reabsorption along the renal tubules, and secretion by the salt glands. barrow's goldeneyes bucephala islandica, the most marine species, have the highest rates for all three processes and only this species can secrete all the infused salt via the salt gla ...200312909708
poisoning of bald eagles and red-tailed hawks by carbofuran and fensulfothion in the fraser delta of british columbia, canada.during the winter of 1990 in the fraser delta of british columbia, canada, nine birds of prey were found with symptoms of anticholinesterase poisoning. immediate surgical removal of crop contents of three birds decreased mortality and recovery time. chemical analysis was conducted on crop contents, which contained mainly duck parts. a bald eagle (haliaeetus leucocephalus) contained 200 micrograms/g and a red-tailed hawk (buteo jamaicensis) 2.2 micrograms/g carbofuran, while the crop of another r ...19968827674
removal of odor using biofilter from duck confinement buildings.the poultry and waterfowl industry in the fraser valley of british columbia needs to deal with odor emission problems. the objective of this study is to evaluate the performance of a pilot-scale biofiltration system for treating odors from the exhaust air streams of a commercial duck farm building before their release to the atmosphere. a pilot-scale biofiltration system with semi-enclosed wooden structure was designed, constructed and installed to treat the exhaust air from one of the 12 operat ...200717558775
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