relationships of the extinct moa-nalos, flightless hawaiian waterfowl, based on ancient dna.the extinct moa-nalos were very large, flightless waterfowl from the hawaiian islands. we extracted, amplified and sequenced mitochondrial dna from fossil moa-nalo bones to determine their systematic relationships and lend insight into their biogeographical history. the closest living relatives of these massive, goose-like birds are the familiar dabbling ducks (tribe anatini). moa-nalos, however, are not closely related to any one extant species, but represent an ancient lineage that colonized t ...199910649633
mortality in laysan ducks (anas laysanensis) by emaciation complicated by echinuria uncinata on laysan island, hawaii, november 1993, unusual mortality occurred among endangered laysan ducks on laysan island, one of the remote refugia of the northwestern hawaiian islands national wildlife refuge (usa). ten live ducks were emaciated, and blood samples documented anemia, heterophilia, and eosinophilia. pathology in 13 duck carcasses revealed emaciation, marked thickening of the proventricular wall, abundant mucus, and nodules in the gastrointestinal tract. histology revealed granulomata associated with nematode ...200415137496
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