gastrointestinal helminths of the mexican duck, anas platyrhynchos diazi ridgway, from north central mexico and southwestern united states.twenty-five species of helminths, recovered from the gastrointestinal tracts of 129 mexican ducks from mexico and the united states, were all new host records. the species included: echinoparyphium recurvatum, echinostoma revolutum, hypoderaeum conoideum, notocotylus attenuatus, prosthogonimus cuneatus, zygocotyle lunata, anomotaenia ciliata, cloacotaenia megalops, diorchis bulbodes, diorchis sp., drepanidotaenia lanceolata, echinocotyle rosseteri, fimbriaria fasciolaris, fimbriarioides sp., hym ...19863951061
helminth parasites of the bufflehead duck, bucephala albeola, wintering in the chihuahua desert with a checklist of helminth parasites reported from this host.the bufflehead duck (bucephala albeola) (mergini) ranges from alaska and canada to the united states and mexico. buffleheads ingest invertebrates as a major component of their food throughout life. puddle ducks (anatinae) change mainly to vegetable foods at an early age. loss of helminth parasite species and abundance in the fall migration has been reported for puddle ducks. this change in food has been hypothesized to cause some of the parasite loss. nothing was known about helminth community d ...200919245274
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