[immunoprophylaxis of rabies (author's transl)].in the past hempt-rabies vaccine produced in the gdr proved to be effective and relatively innocent like other brain-tissue-vaccines. connected with progress in virology and genetics the production of rabies-vaccines changed to cell culturing techniques. the rabies viruses got adapted to embryonated eggs of chicken and duck, and it multiplies now in tissue-cultures like hamster kidney cells, chicken fibroblasts and human diploid cells too. it is possible now to produce a cell culture vaccine of ...1978742243
[life cycles of the duck trematodes parastrigea robusta and catatropis verrucosa in the berlin region]. 19666009278
detection of influenza a viruses and influenza epidemics in wild pelagic birds by sentinels and population studies.field experiments with domestic ducks as sentinels and virological and serological population observations on wild pelagic birds on a seabird-breeding island in the baltic sea and on rivers and lakes near berlin were conducted to detect the influenza a virus circulation and epidemics in wild pelagic bird populations. influenza a virus isolates were detected in tracheal and cloacal swabs from sentinel ducks and from healthy pelagic birds. influenza a virus epidemics with different subtypes in an ...19827170852
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