prevalence of campylobacter spp. in raw retail poultry on sale in northern ireland.a year-long survey of fresh, retail poultry products on sale in northern ireland was undertaken to define the prevalence of campylobacter spp. by using protocols based on iso (standard) 10272-1:2006. incubation at 37 and 42 degrees c was undertaken to increase the diversity of isolates obtained. overall, 652 isolates were identified as campylobacter spp. by using pcr and amplified fragment length polymorphic typing. phenotyping wrongly identified 21% of isolates. prevalences of campylobacter fou ...200919777882
the ripe olive scare and hotel loch maree tragedy: botulism under glass in the 1920's.botulism was believed to be a rare disease in both the us and uk in the 1920's, until two deadly outbreaks altered that view and launched public health measures to control it. in the united states, the ripe olive scare of 1920 found glass-packaged olives linked to multiple deaths. in the united kingdom, eight deaths from glass-potted duck paste, in the summer of 1922 at loch maree, scotland will always be associated with botulism.201121563914
profilicollis botulus (acanthocephala) abundance in the eider duck (somateria mollissima) on the ythan estuary, aberdeenshire.the abundance of profilicollis botulus was monitored in eider ducks for 3 years. no significant difference in p. botulus abundance was found between eiders taken alive and those collected dead from the shore line, or between adult males and adult females. adult male eiders had a seasonal pattern of infection. incubating female eiders lost their infection in almost all cases, suggesting that a seasonal pattern of infection must also occur in these birds. eiders in their first winter had p. botulu ...19854080420
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