genetic typing of bovine pestiviruses from england and wales.using rna purified directly from stored clinical specimens, a collection of 62 pestiviruses were typed by rt-pcr and sequencing within the 5'-untranslated region of the genome. all the specimens had been obtained in 1966/1967 from diary cattle in england and wales. eight further pestiviruses, grown in cell culture, were characterised in the same way. seven of these viruses were representatives of a panel of british isolates, obtained from cattle ten years before. the eighth was the virus used in ...199910535769
borna disease virus and mental health: a cross-sectional study.borna disease is an infectious neurological disease of horses, sheep and possibly other animals. a role for borna disease virus (bdv) in human neurological and psychiatric illness has been proposed, but this hypothesis remains controversial.200515760925
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