leptospirosis in trinidad and grenada, with special reference to the trinidad, six leptospira isolates were made from 957 febrile patients between 1968 amd 1972. in addition, cf antibodies were detected in 6-6% of febrile patients and human survey sera collected during this period. in 1972 alone, 10-4% (38/363) of sera examined had cf titres consistent with positive exposure to the disease. grenada does not report leptospirosis, but the disease is common in mongooses in both trinidad and grenada. serogroups icterohaemorrhagiae, pomona and canicola are present ...19761265819
the incidence of severe leptospirosis in trinidad.between february 1977 and september 1982, sera from febrile patients from all areas of trinidad were examined for leptospiral agglutinins; 158 of 1714 patients (9%) were confirmed as current cases of leptospirosis (annual average 26 or 2.6 per 100,000 population). of the remaining 1556 patients only 711 provided paired sera; 167 of these (23%) showed evidence of previous leptospiral infection. of the 845 single samples, 125 were positive. the true incidence of the disease is probably much higher ...19873629704
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