leptospirosis in the west of scotland. 19725064755
leptospirosis. 19705411608
canicola fever in man and animals. 19665950758
establishment of a health surveillance program for reintroduction of the eurasian beaver (castor fiber) into 2009 and 2010 16 norwegian eurasian beavers (castor fiber) were reintroduced to knapdale, scotland as part of a 5-yr reintroduction trial (scottish beaver trial). despite numerous reintroduction programs throughout europe there is no published information concerning recommended health surveillance during beaver reintroduction and only one publication describing causes of mortality. we describe the establishment of a health surveillance program based on international union of conservation of n ...201223060498
further observations on abortion of the sow due to infection by leptospira canicola. 196514331480
leptospirosis in pigs: epidemiology, microbiology and pathology. 19695814185
incidence of antibodies for leptospirosis in dogs in glasgow, and a comparison of the conventional (schuffner's) and rapid microscopical agglutination (rmat) tests. 19734785354
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