high prevalence of enterocytozoon bieneusi infections among hiv-positive individuals with persistent diarrhoea in harare, zimbabwe.infection with the microsporidian parasite enterocytozoon bieneusi may be a major cause of prolonged diarrhoea in individuals also infected with human immunodeficiency virus (hiv). the parasite has been reported from europe, australia and the americas, with a prevalence of 7-29%. faecal specimens were obtained from 202 adults and 106 children in harare, zimbabwe, all of whom were in hospital and had diarrhoea. hiv serology was available for 119 adults: 106 were hiv seropositive. there were clini ...19958560514
intestinal parasites in patients with diarrhea and human immunodeficiency virus infection in determine the prevalence of intestinal parasites and risk factors for infection associated with diarrhea in hiv-infected patients in harare, zimbabwe.199910357381
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