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[utilization of 4-chlorobenzoic acid by arthrobacter globiformis].a strain of arthrobacter globiformis utilizing 4-chlorobenzoic acid as a sole source of carbon and energy was isolated by the method of enrichment cultures from vegetable garden soil near moscow. the yield of released chlorine upon the utilization of 4-chlorobenzoic acid exceeded 96% of the theoretically possible one. biotin stimulated noticeably the utilization of the acid. the concentration of 4-chlorobenzoic acid that apparently did not inhibit the growth of the isolated organism was within t ...19817219218
[bacterial succession on n-alkanes under the conditions of sulfate reduction].the dynamics of species composition of a hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteriocenosis of a ground suspension of mozhaisk reservoir has been studied. the bacteriocenosis was undergoing development in a paraffin film (model association composed of sulfate-reducing bacteria and hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria). the type of bacterial succession did not depend on the depth, from which ground samples were collected. two microbial species (pseudomonas sp. and arthrobacter globiformis) were absolutely dominant. ...200211962208
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