phylogenetic diversity of bacteria isolates from the qinghai-tibet plateau permafrost region.the qinghai-tibet plateau in east asia is a unique and important permafrost environment. however, its microbiology remains largely unexplored to date. in this study, sediment samples were collected from the qinghai-tibet plateau permafrost region, bacteria isolation procedures were performed 8 times, and the samples incubated at 4 degrees c for nearly 3 months. the number of colony forming units (cfu) ranged from 0 to 10(7)/(g dry soil). the quantity of culturable bacteria grew exponentially wit ...200717898857
[isolation and identification of a fibrinolytic bacterium strain from frozen soil in the tibetan plateau].cardiovascular disease, harmful to human health, is a worldwide disease, for which fibrinolytic enzyme is usually used as an effective remedy. fibrinolytic microbes under extreme environmental conditions may excrete some high efficient and safe fibrinolytic enzymes. so, for obtaining this fibrinolytic enzyme, we isolated fibrinolytic strains from frozen soil in the tibetan plateau.201020387455
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