optimization of protease activity of alkaliphilic bacteria isolated from an alkaline lake in india.alkaliphilic bacteria belonging to the genera bacillus, staphylococcus, micrococcus, pseudomonas and arthrobacter isolated from sediment samples of the alkaline lonar lake situated in the buldhana district of maharashtra state, india, were studied for the production of protease activity. among the 54 isolates obtained, arthrobacter ramosus and bacillus alcalophilus exhibited high protease activity using soyacake as a sole source of carbon and nitrogen. protease activity was optimum at 1% initial ...200212146649
bioremediation of phenol by alkaliphilic bacteria isolated from alkaline lake of lonar, india.phenol is an industrially important compound which has a wide range of applications. being highly soluble in water, it appears as the major pollutant in waste waters arising from both phenol manufacturing and from industrial units that utilise phenol. because of its toxicity, bioremediation of phenol is necessary. since some of the phenol-bearing industrial waste waters are alkaline in nature, use of alkaliphilic bacteria for bioremediation of phenol was investigated. alkaliphilic bacteria were ...199821182701
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