campylobacter jejuni infection associated with unpasteurized milk and cheese--kansas, 2007.on october 26, 2007, a family health clinic nurse informed the kansas department of health and environment (kdhe) that campylobacter jejuni had been isolated from two ill persons from different families who were members of a closed community in a rural kansas county. by october 29, 17 additional members of the community had reported gastrointestinal illness and visited the clinic within a week. all 19 persons reported consuming fresh cheese* on october 20 that was made the same day at a communit ...200919116607
an outbreak of campylobacter jejuni infections associated with food handler contamination: the use of pulsed-field gel 1998, an outbreak of campylobacter jejuni infections occurred in kansas among persons attending a school luncheon; community cases were also reported. in a cohort study of luncheon attendees, 27 (17%) of 161 persons reported illness. consuming gravy (relative risk [rr], 4.2; 95% confidence interval [ci], 1.5-11.7) or pineapple (rr, 2.4; 95% ci, 1.0-5.7) was associated with illness. both foods were prepared in a kitchen that served 6 other schools where no illness was reported. a cafeteria wor ...200111078485
epidemiologic and laboratory investigation of an outbreak of campylobacter enteritis associated with raw outbreak of gastroenteritis occurred in march-april 1981, in wichita, kansas, and involved more than 250 persons who drank raw milk from a single local dairy. campylobacter jejuni was recovered from 60 of 116 (52%) persons in households that had one or more ill family members. a cohort study of families that belonged to a food cooperative that purchased raw milk from the implicated dairy showed a significant association between illness and having drunk raw milk. thirty-nine of 55 (71%) person ...19854050775
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