gastroenteritis outbreak at an industrial camp--british columbia. 19921291017
microbial quality of reclaimed water for urban reuses: probabilistic risk-based investigation and recommendations.although canada has abundant freshwater resources, many cities still experience seasonal water shortage. supply-side and demand-side management is a core strategy to address this water shortage. under this strategy, reclaimed water, which the canadian public is willing to use for non-potable purposes, is an option. however, no universal guidelines exist for reclaimed water use. despite the federal government's long-term goal to develop guidelines for many water reuse applications, guidelines hav ...201727810759
a national investigation of the prevalence and diversity of thermophilic campylobacter species in agricultural watersheds in canada.the occurrence and diversity of thermophilic campylobacter species (c. jejuni, coli, and lari) were studied in water samples from four river basins located across canada. these basins located in quebec (bras d'henri), alberta (oldman), ontario (south nation), and british columbia (sumas) represented some of the most intensive farming areas in canada for hog, beef cattle, dairy cattle, and poultry, respectively. this study analyzed 769 water samples collected from 23 monitoring sites with agricul ...201424930011
campylobacteriosis outbreak associated with ingestion of mud during a mountain bike of the largest reported campylobacteriosis outbreaks in canada occurred in june 2007 in british columbia, associated with a mountain bike race that took place in muddy conditions. a retrospective cohort study was conducted and environmental samples were collected and tested. there were 537 racers included in the study and 225 racers (42%) reported diarrhoeal illness after the race. c. jejuni clinical isolates (n=14) were found to be identical by multi-locus sequence typing. although univaria ...201020334726
serotyping of campylobacter jejuni isolated from sporadic cases and outbreaks in british columbia.campylobacter jejuni from sporadic cases and outbreaks of gastroenteritis were serotyped on the basis of heat-extracted soluble thermostable antigens identified with the use of the passive hemagglutination technique. a total of 168 isolates were separated into 45 different types. the largest proportion of the isolates fell into three serotypes, each with 11 to 12.5% of the total number. three less frequently occurring serotypes each included approximately 5%, and the remaining 50% of the isolate ...19827119100
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