prevalence of salmonella and campylobacter species in animals at emperor valley zoo, trinidad.the prevalence of salmonella and thermophilic campylobacter species in animals kept at the emperor valley zoo, trinidad, was determined. of the 433 animals from a total of 30 species sampled, 28 (6.5%) and 11 (2.5%) were positive for salmonella and campylobacter, respectively. the difference was statistically significant (p < or = 0.001: chi2). overall, 12 stereotypes of salmonella were isolated, with s. miami accounting for eight (25.8%) of 31 isolates. all campylobacter isolates were c. jejuni ...19989732046
frequency and characteristics of selected enteropathogens in fecal and rectal specimens from childhood diarrhea in trinidad, determine the prevalence and characteristics of selected enteric pathogens in diarrheic children in six counties of the island of trinidad.200515826396
occurrence of selected foodborne pathogens on poultry and poultry giblets from small retail processing operations in trinidad.we conducted a study to determine quantitatively and qualitatively the presence of campylobacter spp., escherichia coli, staphylococci, total coliforms, total aerobic bacteria, and salmonella on broiler carcasses from selected small retail processors in trinidad. we used standard media and procedures for detection and quantification. all carcass and weep samples were positive for aerobic bacteria, e. coli, total coliforms, and staphylococci. significant differences in the mean counts of aerobic ...200616715810
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