a one-year study of enteric campylobacter infections in singapore.a total of 7344 inpatients with diarrhoea were investigated for campylobacter infections in singapore over one year. campylobacter species were recovered from 1.2% of diarrhoeal stools; 70.3% of the 91 campylobacters were from children under 5 years of age. further identification of these isolates showed that 89% were campylobacter jejuni and 10.9% were c. coli, and a high level of resistance to erythromycin was observed among them. concomitant isolation of salmonella species or shigella species ...19921560479
prevalence of bacterial agents of diarrhoeal disease at the national university hospital, singapore and their resistance to antimicrobial agents.over a 50-month period, 4,508 stool specimens from patients with diarrhoea were bacteriologically examined at the national university hospital, singapore. salmonella serotypes other than the typhoid and paratyphoid bacilli were the most common finding, being isolated in 10.8% of cases. campylobacter jejuni was unexpectedly infrequent (1.9%); aeromonas hydrophila was found in 1.8%. no other aerobic pathogen occurred in more than 1% of cases. clostridium difficile was sought only when requested, a ...19921455527
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