distribution of hepatitis a antibody over a process for the preparation of a high-purity factor viii concentrate.the levels of hepatitis a antibody were studied in factor viii products manufactured by the scottish national blood transfusion service. it was found that the current high-purity factor viii product has no detectable hepatitis a antibody, whereas the superseded intermediate-purity product had significant antibody levels (6,700 miu/ml). although the finished high-potency factor viii product has no detectable hepatitis a antibody, significant levels of antibody are found in the early stages of pro ...19948091738
increased number of parvovirus b19 infections in southeast scotland in 2012-2013.parvovirus b19 (b19v) infections are a common but under-investigated and under-reported cause of intrauterine infections. an increased number of acute b19v infections was identified in the edinburgh area in 2012-2013, with 123 infections diagnosed in 33 pregnant women, 76 non-pregnant women and 14 men. all except one pregnant woman were asymptomatic. an overall infection rate of 18% was measured in pregnant women who were tested following b19v exposure (26/141). furthermore, a 7% seroconversion ...201525658558
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