[tick-borne relapsing fever in madagascar: an eradicated disease?].since about thirty years, no relapsing fever due to borrelia duttoni is recorded from madagascar. a survey was conducted in the formerly endemic area, between soalala and majunga, in order to collect data on possible cases and to look if the vector, ornithodoros moubata is still present. no mention of the disease was recorded; all ornithodoros seem to have completely disappeared in the area, without any clear reason. however, a few o. moubata specimens were recorded from piggeries in mahasolo, 1 ...19892743524
ornithodoros porcinus ticks, bushpigs, and african swine fever in madagascar.african swine fever (asf) has recently made its appearance in madagascar. ticks of the ornithodoros moubata group, considered to be o. porcinus walton, 1962 were formerly known to occur in western madagascar, but seem to have disappeared from that region. however, three new sites where they occur were found in the humid and cool central highlands of anatananarivo province. these ticks are known to be efficient reservoirs and vectors of asf and constitute a considerable complication to the contro ...200111523921
[african swine fever introduction into madagascar, history and lessons from an emergence].african swine fever (asf) was diagnosed for the first time in madagascar in 1998. asf has apparently been introduced from the african continent to the southern part of the island with a subsequent spread to other regions except for areas in the north and in the west. the epidemic has had severe economic consequences for the home market of pork meat production. this article reviews the course of the epidemic with particular emphasis on the vectors involved in the transmission of the virus, such a ...200112471744
assessment of interactions between african swine fever virus, bushpigs (potamochoerus larvatus), ornithodoros ticks and domestic pigs in north-western madagascar.since its introduction in madagascar in 1998, african swine fever (asf) has severely affected national pig production and persists as a common disease in that country. two of its natural hosts in the african continent, the bushpig (potamochoerus larvatus) and tick vectors of the ornithodoros moubata complex, are reported in west and central regions of the island. however, their role in the maintenance and transmission of the virus has been insufficiently studied. in this work, we tried to assess ...201121320295
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