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border disease in sheep.the current knowledge on border disease in sheep is reviewed. this is a congenital and teratogenic disorder induced by pestivirus. the history, etiology, epidemiology, clinical aspects, and pathologic lesions at postnatal and intrauterine infections (as well as in congenitally affected animals), pathogenesis, immunity, diagnosis, and control and prevention of the syndrome are discussed.19958581864
genetic typing of bovine pestiviruses from england and wales.using rna purified directly from stored clinical specimens, a collection of 62 pestiviruses were typed by rt-pcr and sequencing within the 5'-untranslated region of the genome. all the specimens had been obtained in 1966/1967 from diary cattle in england and wales. eight further pestiviruses, grown in cell culture, were characterised in the same way. seven of these viruses were representatives of a panel of british isolates, obtained from cattle ten years before. the eighth was the virus used in ...199910535769
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