surveys for disease agents in introduced elk in arkansas and kentucky.surveys for disease agents were conducted in introduced free-ranging elk (cervus elaphus nelsoni) in arkansas and kentucky. elk had been captured in colorado and nebraska and released in arkansas during 1981-1985. from 1997 through 2002 elk were captured in arizona, kansas, north dakota, new mexico, oregon, and utah and released in southeastern kentucky. specimens were collected from 170 hunter-killed elk in arkansas during 1998-2006, and 44 elk in kentucky during 2001-2004. significant findings ...201020090032
pathogens of bovine respiratory disease in north american feedlots conferring multidrug resistance via integrative conjugative this study, we determined the prevalence of bovine respiratory disease (brd)-associated viral and bacterial pathogens in cattle and characterized the genetic profiles, antimicrobial susceptibilities, and nature of antimicrobial resistance determinants in collected bacteria. nasopharyngeal swab and lung tissue samples from 68 brd mortalities in alberta, canada (n = 42), texas (n = 6), and nebraska (n = 20) were screened using pcr for bovine viral diarrhea virus (bvdv), bovine respiratory syncy ...201424478472
loci on bos taurus chromosome 2 and bos taurus chromosome 26 are linked with bovine respiratory disease and associated with persistent infection of bovine viral diarrhea virus.the objective of this study was to identify loci linked with bovine respiratory disease (brd) and subsequently to determine if these same loci were associated with bovine viral diarrhea virus persistent infection (bvd-pi) in affected calves or their dams. a genome-wide linkage study using 312 microsatellites was conducted to identify loci linked with brd in a brahman × hereford sire half-sib family. disease incidence was recorded from birth to slaughter by daily monitoring. linkage was suggestiv ...201021148784
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