comparison of a multivalent viral vaccine program versus a univalent viral vaccine program on animal health, feedlot performance, and carcass characteristics of feedlot calves.a field study was conducted under commercial feedlot conditions at 2 sites in western canada to determine the relative effects of a univalent viral vaccine (mlv 1) program versus a multivalent viral vaccine (mlv 4) program on animal health; feedlot performance; and carcass characteristic variables of fall-placed, auction market derived, feedlot calves. five thousand one hundred and sixty-three calves were processed and randomly allocated to 1 of 2 experimental groups as follows: mlv 1, which rec ...200312619555
pathogens at the livestock-wildlife interface in western alberta: does transmission route matter?in southwestern alberta, interactions between beef cattle and free-ranging elk (cervus elaphus) may provide opportunities for pathogen transmission. to assess the importance of the transmission route on the potential for interspecies transmission, we conducted a cross-sectional study on four endemic livestock pathogens with three different transmission routes: bovine viral diarrhea virus and bovine herpesvirus 1 (predominantly direct transmission), mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (ma ...201424517283
herpesvirus infection in woodland caribou in alberta, canada.sera and genital swabs collected from 121 adult woodland caribou (rangifer tarandus caribou) in five subpopulations in northern alberta, canada, between december 1997 and october 1999, were examined for evidence of infection with herpesviruses or pestiviruses. no virus was isolated from sera or swabs, and no antibodies against bovine viral diarrhea virus were detected. however, 63 (52%) of the 121 animals had neutralizing antibody titers against bovine herpesvirus 1. there was sufficient serum f ...200516456173
determination of the seroprevalence of neospora caninum in feedlot steers in alberta.a study was conducted in alberta to determine the seroprevalence of neospora caninum in feedlot calves purchased from various auction markets throughout western canada. four feedlots (1 feedlot from each of the airdrie and high river areas and 2 feedlots from the strathmore area) were selected for sampling. at each feedlot, a random 10% sample of feedlot steer and bull calves entering the feedlot from september 2001 to december 2001 were enrolled in the study until there were a maximum of 500 an ...200415072193
a short incubation serum neutralization test for bovine viral diarrhea virus.a three day serum neutralization (sn) test for the detection of antibodies to bovine viral diarrhea virus (bvdv), which is an improvement on the existing five day test, is described. the improved test results in a more rapid viral cytopathic effect and utilizes madin darby kidney (mdbk) cells, and horse serum as a medium supplement. a comparison of tests utilizing the nadl and the singer strains of bvdv and the use of either secondary bovine kidney cells with calf serum (bkcs) or continuous mdbk ...19921317246
pathogens of bovine respiratory disease in north american feedlots conferring multidrug resistance via integrative conjugative this study, we determined the prevalence of bovine respiratory disease (brd)-associated viral and bacterial pathogens in cattle and characterized the genetic profiles, antimicrobial susceptibilities, and nature of antimicrobial resistance determinants in collected bacteria. nasopharyngeal swab and lung tissue samples from 68 brd mortalities in alberta, canada (n = 42), texas (n = 6), and nebraska (n = 20) were screened using pcr for bovine viral diarrhea virus (bvdv), bovine respiratory syncy ...201424478472
immunohistochemical study of hemophilus somnus, mycoplasma bovis, mannheimia hemolytica, and bovine viral diarrhea virus in death losses due to myocarditis in feedlot cattle.the purpose of this study was to determine the presence of hemophilus somnus, mycoplasma bovis, mannheimia hemolytica, and bovine viral diarrhea virus (bvdv) in lesional tissues of feeder calves dying with myocarditis. tissues from the heart and lungs of 92 calves dying with myocarditis in alberta feedlots were immunohistochemically stained for the antigens of these agents. tissues from 44 calves dying from noninfectious causes and 35 calves dying with pneumonia were tested as controls. hemophil ...200415072195
seroprevalence of mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis, neospora caninum, bovine leukemia virus, and bovine viral diarrhea virus infection among dairy cattle and herds in alberta and agroecological risk factors associated with seropositivity.a province-wide, cross-sectional seroprevalence and agroecological risk factor study of mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (map), neospora caninum (nc), bovine leukemia virus (blv), and bovine viral diarrhea virus (bvdv) genotypes 1 and 2 (bvdv1 and bvdv2) infection in dairy cattle herds in alberta was conducted. among adults, the seroprevalence of map, nc, and blv was 9.1%, 18.5%, and 26.9%, respectively. for map, based on a herd test cutpoint of 2 or more seropositive cows, 58.8% ...200617078247
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