bacterial diversity and ecosystem function of filamentous microbial mats from aphotic (cave) sulfidic springs dominated by chemolithoautotrophic "epsilonproteobacteria".filamentous microbial mats from three aphotic sulfidic springs in lower kane cave, wyoming, were assessed with regard to bacterial diversity, community structure, and ecosystem function using a 16s rdna-based phylogenetic approach combined with elemental content and stable carbon isotope ratio analyses. the most prevalent mat morphotype consisted of white filament bundles, with low c:n ratios (3.5-5.4) and high sulfur content (16.1-51.2%). white filament bundles and two other mat morphotypes had ...200416329854
ecology of sulfur-oxidizing bacteria in hot acid acid soils in yellowstone national park are rich in elemental sulfur and harbor extensive populations of sulfur-oxidizing bacteria. thiobacillus thiooxidans is found at temperatures below 55 c, and at temperatures from 55 to 85 c sulfolobus acidocaldarius is present. the distribution of these bacteria as a function of temperature was measured by a most-probable-number dilution method, and their activity in situ was assessed by use of a new technique permitting measurement of (14)co(2) fixati ...19724559726
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