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antibiotic resistance of pathogenic bacteria from odontogenic infections in taiwan.the purpose of this study was to evaluate the susceptibility of facultative and anaerobic odontogenic infectious flora to various antibiotics. we assessed 178 bacterial strains isolated from 74 patients with odontogenic infections. the e-test was used to determine susceptibility. the microbial flora was predominantly facultative gram-positive organisms and anaerobic gram-negative bacilli. the results of antimicrobial susceptibility test showed that ampicillin resistance was found with a very hig ...200312886961
fusobacterium bacteremia: clinical significance and outcomes.fusobacterium bacteremia is uncommon, accounting for approximately 0.9% of patients with bacteremia. the objectives of this study were to evaluate the incidence and clinical significance of blood cultures positive for fusobacterium spp., risk factors for mortality, and the impact of antimicrobial therapy on clinical outcomes.200919949758
characteristics and outcomes of fusobacterium nucleatum bacteremia-a 6-year experience at a tertiary care hospital in northern taiwan.fusobacterium nucleatum bacteremia is critical and not well defined. to identify the clinical characteristics and outcomes, we conducted a retrospective review of hospitalized patients from january 2004 to december 2009 at a tertiary center in northern taiwan. fifty-seven patients were enrolled. the mean age was 58.1 years, and the mean pitt bacteremia score was 4.7. males predominated (59.6%), and the overall 30-day mortality rate was up to 47.4%. malignancy was the major comorbidity (26/57, 45 ...201121596220
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