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incidence of q fever antibodies in utah. 195813580087
report of a serologically proved case of q fever in utah. 195913640998
the biologic properties of coxiella burnetii isolated from rodents collected in utah. 196013834767
studies on infectious diseases in wild animals in utah. iii. experimental q fever in wild vertebrates. 196213932838
susceptibility of wild rodents to experimental infection with coxiella burnetii. 196314044756
the occurrence of a possible epizootic of q fever in fauna of the great salt lake desert of utah. 196414205899
results of a five-year survey for certain enzootic diseases in the fauna of western utah. 196514248984
a serologic survey of mule deer and elk in utah.sera from mule deer (odocoileus hemionus) and elk (cervus canadensis) in central and northern utah were tested for the prevalence of antibodies to 11 diseases communicable to man or domestic livestock. antibodies to francisella tularensis (at 1:20) were found in 47 of 88 (53.4%) elk and 1 of 89 (1.1%) deer. a screening slide agglutination test for titers to brucella (at 1:20) showed two reactors in elk but none in deer sera. no positive antibody titers were obtained in tests for anaplasmosis, co ...1978105153
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