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surgical aspects of an outbreak of yersinia enterocolitis.eleven patients with yersinia enterocolitica infections were identified in the upper valley of new hampshire and vermont during october and november of 1995. three children presented with an appendicitis-like picture. two underwent appendectomy, one of whom was the outbreak's index case. both appendectomy patients presented with lower abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, and a right lower quadrant mass associated with leukocytosis. both had terminal ileitis, and in both, cultures of peritoneal fluid ...19989391192
an outbreak of yersinia enterocolitica o:8 infections associated with pasteurized october 1995, an outbreak of yersinia enterocolitica o:8 infections occurred in the upper valley of vermont and new hampshire. ten patients were identified, median age 9 years (range, 6 months-44 years). three patients were hospitalized; 1 underwent an appendectomy. consumption of bottled pasteurized milk from a local dairy was associated with illness (matched odds ratio undefined; lower 95% confidence interval, 1.9). no deficiencies in pasteurization procedures or equipment were detected. y. ...200010823796
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