the epidemiology of yersinia enterocolitica infection in the british isles 1983-1988. 19911935086
the incidence of yersinia enterocolitica and yersinia enterocolitica-like organisms in raw and pasteurized milk in northern ireland.yersinia enterocolitica and y. enterocolitica-like bacteria were frequently isolated from samples of both raw bulked milk (34/150) and farm bottled (raw) milk (5/20). these bacteria were also found to contaminate creamery pasteurized milk (6/100 samples) and farm pasteurized milk (4/50 samples). although y. enterocolitica was the most commonly isolated species, y. intermedia and y. frederiksenii were also frequently obtained (52, 31 and 15% of isolates, respectively). also, one atypical strain w ...19863771412
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