morphology of the advanced-stage larva of eustrongylides wenrichi canavan 1929, occurring encapsulated in the tissues of amphiuma in louisiana.larval nematodes identified as eustrongylides wenrichi canavan 1929, from cysts in the tissues of amphiuma means tridactylum cuvier in louisana were redescribed. the extent of differentiation of the sex organs was found to be greater than that of 3rd-stage dioctophyma renale, or of the infective stage of trichinella spiralis, and comparable with the late 4th-stage larva of secernentean (phasmid) nematodes.1979448605
eustrongylides sp. epizootic in young common egrets (casmerodius albus).in may 1985, epizootic mortality was reported in common egrets (casmerodius albus) on avery island, louisiana. subsequent investigation revealed that more than 400 birds died. severe peritoneal nematodiasis (eustrongylides sp.) was found on postmortem examination. a nearby breeding rookery on the same island was apparently unaffected. reasons for this selective mortality are presented. three other reports of epizootic mortality due to eustrongylides sp. have been reported. this is the first repo ...19883382371
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